Welcome to Always Sunday !

Life these days is busy. Everyone seems more stressed and overloaded than ever before. To remedy this we are told to take time out to practice mindfulness, do yoga or meditate. I don’t know about you but we start these things with good intentions but then they quickly get pushed aside by the next priority!

I got to a point where I felt like ‘me time’ was almost non-existent. I made time for everything and everyone else but not me. It was getting me down.

I even went to a seminar on life balance and mindfulness. The instructor boldly demanded everyone do 3 things a day for themselves. I was ready to walk out. How ridiculous.

She then explained – it can be a moment, the smallest thing as long as it’s just something about you. Light a candle when you get home. Buy yourself fresh flowers or sit at the café alone instead of grabbing your coffee takeaway and read the paper or just chill out for 5 minutes.

I realised for me this was easiest to achieve in the evenings. I adore fresh flowers beside my bed and nice pyjamas. I love the feeling of changing into my pyjamas after a long day. It relaxes me and makes me feel good.

Always Sunday is about me sharing one of my daily delights with you. Created out of that special feeling you get on a lazy Sunday. I designed this sleepwear to make you feel special everyday. The luxury satin was carefully sourced and tested to ensure it feels divine against your skin. It has a slight stretch in the fabric which is perfect for wearing to bed. But that wasn’t enough. I wanted this to be a personal experience so I added a final special touch. Each pair of PJ’s is personalised it to be your very own, monogrammed with your personal initials or name.

And for all the men out there, don’t underestimate the healing power of luxurious comfy PJ’s for that special someone in your life.

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I hope you can enjoy a little bit of the relaxed Sunday vibe – everyday. 

Sleep well,

Suzanne xo